Restarting my No-Sugar commitment after July 4th Binge

Restarting my No-Sugar commitment after July 4th Binge

I finally woke up without a sugar hangover.

I was concerned going into the week of July 4th that I would sugar binge and I did and I enjoyed it for a couple of days, but a couple of days turned into one week. At the end of the week, my body was really upset at me. I had a thick sugar haze and my stomach started feeling flabby.

I was excited to start over.

Here is my month of July to date:

Not a good month so far. But I’m recommitted to checking off all Greens for the rest of July.

Here are a couple of steadying thoughts that I have after a binge week and a restart:

1). My Commitment is Zero Sugar

I’m not someone that can eat in moderation, here a little and there a little. I’m a NO SWEETS, NO EXCEPTIONS type of a guy. If I go down the road of eating sweets, I don’t stop. I don’t think moderation in sweets is healthy for me anyways.

2). No Shame

Shame is not an emotion that I allow into the equation. Yes, I went 6 days of eating sugar. I didn’t want to do that and I shouldn’t have, but I did and now I’ve recommitted myself. I will not allow feelings of self criticism to bring me down.

3). Listen Critically to Critical Voices

There will be people in your life that criticize your decision to go off of sugar. I’m not upset when they tell me that I’m “being extreme.” There will be people that encourage your decision. I tend to lean into them and their opinion more than the critical voice.

4). Don’t be the No-Sugar Police

Your tendency is probably going to be to spread and evangelize your diet. You will feel better and reap the benefits of a healthier and happier life and it is natural to want to spread this happiness around. I would caution you not to. If you go to a family birthday party, quietly abstain from the cake. Don’t make a show out of your no-sugar diet. Don’t even mention it. Keep it to yourself as a buried treasure in your heart and brain. If someone asks, than gently lead them into a conversation. Don’t be annoying and don’t be loud about your no-sugar diet.

5). The Sun Always rises in the Morning

If you gave into your sugar craving today, restart in the morning. Keep your commitment always with you.


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