Shame on Bachelorette for Destroying Jed

Shame on Bachelorette for Destroying Jed

Just watched the final part 2 of the prolonged, embellished and often painful Bachelorette.  I don’t blame my watching the show on my wife (I’m not one to say, “I watch it because my wife makes me”).  I watch it, independently of her, but with her.  We enjoy our conversations along the way.  The show itself is all the bad things.

I liked Hannah.  I think she brought a nice flair to the show and kept it interesting.  I didn’t love her pool of boyfriends, though I thought that John Paul Jones was interesting and was pre-maturely exited from contention.

Jed apologized plenty

This may be a controversial opinion, and based on the emotional reactions from the women in the live studio watching this drama unfold, I’m sure I’ll be castigated for this, BUT, Jed apologized too much.  It became so indulgently repetitive, so embarrassingly torturous and obviously clear that the Bachelorette TV Show was not about to lose. 

What did Jed do?

He had a girlfriend before he went on the show.  Yes, he should and could have disclosed all of this to Hannah earlier on.  But, he was afraid to do so.  Why did he have to?  She had boyfriends before, during, after, in Windmills, at every time and every place.  All the way leading up to their engagement.  Yes, up to the very day they were engaged.

Jed had a girlfriend BEFORE he met Hannah.

The world is upside down.

The balance of power is too strong in favor of the Bachelorette.

It is unfair and frankly abusive.

The Bachelorette institution will not allow one of their own to look foolish.  So they created a villain and then they pounced on him and humiliated him and destroyed him with their clever editing and spin.

Tyler is a PR genius

Tyler C. seems like a genuinely nice guy, and a public relations genius.  Talk about a guy that knows how to market himself and come out on top.  He’s an All American, a guy that parents fall in love with (As Hannah’s did).  He said everything so smoothly, so eloquently, so refined.

I like him.  I liked his dance:

But, to position the show so that Jed is Genghis Khan and Tyler is the Knight on a White Horse was too easy, condescending to its viewers.

Hannah doesn’t love Tyler C and Tyler C doesn’t love Hannah.

It was so painfully obvious, that I had to watch with my hands over my eyes when those two were together.

Bachelorette didn’t like Jed, so they Squashed him

Obviously Chris Harrison and crew will not stand for Hannah to leave the show as a spurned lover.  They had to get back at Jed.  And, they did.  They allowed him to apologize until he was blue in the face and didn’t have any pride left in himself.  They belittled his music career and made fun of his job in the Jingle Business for some Dog Food brand.

They crucified him for having a girlfriend before he went on this sordid game show.

It was all a charade.  A sad one. And I feel sorry for Jed.

Shame on the Bachelorette.

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