Should I Quit Sugar in Moderation or Cold Turkey?

Should I Quit Sugar in Moderation or Cold Turkey?

This question often arises at

Sometimes my mind starts weakening and I start to believe that I can eat sugar in moderation:

Most of my family think that I am just a fanatic extremist.

“Just eat one cookie, what’s the harm.”

“Quit being so religious about it, you’re no fun”

“Just eat a little bit”

“You’re making us all feel guilty about eating sugar.”

I’ve heard all of the b.s.  And I do admit that sometimes I get a little vocal in my ideology.  But, still, geez, how about a little support to a guy quitting sugar.

There was a good discussion today on the SugarFree Subreddit about Quitting Sugar Cold Turkey or Just Moderating Use. 


Card hereby declares that Quitting Cold Turkey is our only way

We are firmly planting our flag on the side of Hardcore Sobriety.  Not “cutting back” on sweets.  But eliminating them.

Not to say that this is THE only Way.  Or THE BEST WAY.  Or even what you should do.

It is just what works for us.

Like this OP on Reddit that says he needs to “identify as someone who doesn’t eat sweets.”

So do we.

In Life I usually take a Middle Ground.

In sugar, I don’t.

I am hardcore abstain.


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