Fell off the No Sugar Wagon again and again and again……

Fell off the No Sugar Wagon again and again and again……

Last night I ate 5 cookies and had two bowls of S’mores cereal.

Not sure why I caved.  Just kind of a normal weekend evening.  I came home from an enjoyable dinner with friends.  My daughter had baked cookies and the kids were eating cereal.

So I did it.

I woke up in a heavy fog.  Felt like a Freightliner Truck ran over me.

I had gone 18 days off.  Since the 1st of January.

So I’m going to celebrate the victory and leave the defeat behind.

No shame restart today.

Update one Day Later

Whoops, fell again.  No Shame Restart Today

Update one Day Later again…

No Shame Restart today

Update Two Days Later…….

No shame.  Starting again right now.  Sugar be damned.


Was going to be my first no sugar day in quite some time.  But, I got home and my daughter had made sugar cookies.  I only like them when they are really soft.  These were hard.  I still couldn’t resist.  Ate 3.  Woke up in Sugarhaze.


Sugar free.  It’s 11:08 am.  And I’m committed.  One meal at a time.

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