Stevia – Good for your liver?

Stevia – Good for your liver?

A New Study today released from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles shows that taking stevia actually improved the markers associated with fatty liver disease and lowered glucose levels.

The makers included, among other things, the amount of fat in the liver and fibrosis. These positive effects may have been due to changes in gut bacteria and decreases in cellular stress, according to the study lead Rohit Kohli, MBBS, MS. Additional research is necessary, however, which is where the clinical trial comes in.


Pretty interesting stuff.  We all know that sugar does quite the number on your body, causing visceral fat to choke and suffocate your organs. 

But, to think that stevia is not just neutral, but actually beneficial to your organs?  Pretty nice to hear that.  Especially since I love Stevia drinks. 


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