Sugar Addiction is NO Joke – Sugar Free April

Sugar Addiction is NO Joke – Sugar Free April

Not eating sugar is probably the hardest thing I do on most days.

Maybe some people don’t crave sugar and sweets?

I’m sure that’s true.

For me, it’s a daily grind.  Some days are better than others, and usually have a couple of weeks of abstaining, I feel some cruise control.

However, just one sweet bite and my mind starts cravings more.

I enjoyed this Honest Take from Reddit today


Sugar addiction is no joke! from r/sugarfree

Going Sugar Free for April

I just about made it through February, thanks to Lent Motivation. 

I don’t really have anything to drive my abstinence for April.  Other than it just feels so good to be off sugar.

Join with me, if you can.


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