Sugar Feeds Cancer

Sugar Feeds Cancer

I’m going to Be VERY Sensitive Here and As Objective as Possible

I know that making a claim that Sugar feeds cancer is a very serious issue. I’m not an alarmist and I don’t want to come across as a lunatic. I’m not selling anything. Literally, I don’t have pills to sell and I’m not a naturopath. I’m just a regular dude who has listened to his body carefully over the years and is convinced that refined sugar, when eaten in excess (Which is Common), causes severe problems.

Here are the Hypotheses and Evidence to Support it:

1). Less Sugar means less Risk of Cancer

In this CBS Documentary, Lewis Cantley, a cell biologist and academic who has has made significant advances to the understanding of cancer metabolism and was a professor at the Harvard Medical Center was asked:

CBS: “If you limit your sugar you decrease your chances of developing cancer?”

Lewis Cantley: “Absolutely”

Sugar/insulin can cause adverse effects in certain tissues. Tumors literally feed off of sugar to grow.

“Cancers have evolved the ability to hijack the flow of glucose in the flow of the bloodstream into the tumor itself.” (Cantley at 8:05).

Cantley and his research team are working on a drug that will cut off the glucose supply to cancer cells.

Among the strongest evidence is the statement at the end of the video by Cantley, who knows the effects of sugar.

CBS: Knowing all that you know, what would you do if I offered you a soda or sugary treat?

Cantley: I would probably turn it down and get a drink of water

2). Sugar Stimulates Tumor Growth

First we should start with the premise that we all have cells that make mistakes and we are all susceptible to tumors and cancerous cells. The question is what happens after our cells make mistakes and have nothing to feed on? They don’t grow and it’s not a problem. However, if we have a diet full of sugar than these prodigal cells have fuel to consume and grow and take over.

Consider this NINE year research project into the relationship between Cancer and Sugar.

“Scientists have Clarified how Cancer Cells Rapidly Break Down sugars and Stimulates Tumor Growth”

Other Highlights from this research include the following:

a). Sugar Awakens Cancer Cells

b). Sugar Stimulates the Development of Tumors

There is a lot of esoteric language in this snippet. But I have google. I know what fermentation is: Fermentation is a metabolic process that consumes sugar in the absence of oxygen. I know what Ocogenic is: Ocogenic is causing development of a tumor or tumors. And I know what Potency is: the power of something to influence or make an impression.

So in layman’s terms: Sugar is getting into my jacked cells and fueling the growth of tumors.

3). Does quitting Sugar Starve Cancer Cells?

The research isn’t there on this point. Instead, the leading voices seem to suggest that cancer cells will find alternative ways to fuel growth and that if we eliminate all sugars (natural sugars found in fruits, etc.) than we are just harming our bodies ability to be strong enough to fight off the cancers.

However, there is some 2018 research conducted in Singapore and Austria that shows there are some cancer cells that are “sensitive to glucose withdrawal” and that depriving these cells of sugars can in fact aid in their destruction.

An abstract from their research:

4). What is the Sugar Industry Saying?

I honestly couldn’t find much. A quick google search brings up multiple articles (from reputable news sources) about the sugar industry’s attempts to hide or withhold research.

This from Business Insider that the sugar industry suppressed studies linking sugar to cancer:

The other links from Google:

Back to the CBS News Video and an Interview with a Sugar Farmer:

CBS: Would it surprise you that almost all the scientists we talked to are getting rid of all added sugars because they are concerned about the health impacts?

Sugar Man: Science is not completely clear here. I would say to them to approach their diet in balance.

I don’t want to be an alarmist, but, as for me and my house we will refrain from Sugar.

*Update. I will refrain from sugar. My household doesn’t listen to me.

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