“Sugar Free” shop in Maine a big draw and more benefits to quitting sugar

“Sugar Free” shop in Maine a big draw and more benefits to quitting sugar

This article popped up on my Google feed this morning about a small Sugar Free shop in Kittery Maine that is grabbing people’s attention:


They have a bakery and a grocery department.

It sounds really pretty enticing and if I didn’t live on the other side of the American world, I’m sure I would be at least a weekly patron.

So, big props for improving people’s lives.

One line from the article stuck out to me and resonated with my experience:

“Studies show that those who cut back on sugar see major shifts in their energy levels”

Here is another interesting online conversation about the benefits people that have quit sugar are noticing:

What have been your greatest benefits from breaking the addiction? from sugarfree

Among the most popular benefits of cutting sugar according to this discussion are as follows:

No more brain Fog

Better Teeth

Clearer Skin

No more irregular heartbeat

Weight Loss


Tons of Energy

Flat Tummy

Less irritable

Better Sleep

Less Anxiety and better moods

Less migraines



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