Sugar Free Weekend

Sugar Free Weekend

Stopping and Starting a Consistent Theme

My all time no sweets record is 50 days.  That was a nice time of life.  I remember not even being tempted by sugar anymore.  I didn’t want it, I didn’t care for it and it was a pleasure to leave it alone.

Something creeps in my mind, a weakness, a discouragement, an abandonment, and I think “I’ll just go to DQ tonight for a blizzard and that will be just fine.”

I read with interest this post on reddit about a person that was at 30 days off sugar, then they had a Mtn. Dew and have struggled to stop since.

Hardcore relapse, don’t let it happen to you. from r/sugarfree

And this Reddit User who says that “quitting the second time is much harder”


On Day 5 and Going to 100

I made it through the weekend, and sunday dessert, without partaking.  I feel good.  I’m committed to 100.  Once I get to 100 I can release my book that I am sitting on.

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