These Deer turds ruined my Sugar Broke Streak

These Deer turds ruined my Sugar Broke Streak

I was up to 10 days again.

My goal is 100.  I’m going to get there. There are setbacks, learning opportunities.  Speed bumps on the road to complete sugar sobriety.

But, yesterday I ate sugar.  And, I woke up with a sugar hangover.

This is what I ate:

Coconut Almonds.  Yes, they taste good.  But, I could feel the texture of the sugar granules.  The chocolate is hardly “dark”.  It has plenty of sugar per serving (20 grams).

It’s garbage food that ravishes my body.

And it looks like deer turds:

Committed to a sugar free August

I’m with these Redditor’s, committed to a clean August:

Sugar-free August. Who’s with me? from r/sugarfree


I golfed the Coeur d’alene floating hole golf course this week.  It has been on my list of courses for many years.

It was a nice getaway with my wife and family.

I did hit it on the green:


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