Tips on Stopping Sugar Cravings After a Meal

Tips on Stopping Sugar Cravings After a Meal

There’s no Question that After dinner the sweet tooth kicks in:

It’s just how we are conditioned. We need something sweet to satisfy us before we go to bed. There are many options available, and healthy ones, that help curb this.

I drink a Zevia (sparkling water with a slight infusion of stevia to take away the bitter and add some sweet)


There is a recent discussion on Reddit, Sugar Free subreddit, about tips for stopping post dinner cravings.

Some of their ideas are:

LeCroix drink

Sugar Free Gum


Heavy Cream with Vanilla Extract

Fruits, Grapes, Watermelons

Brush Teeth – I actually really like this idea. Not because it stops a craving, but it tricks my mind into thinking that all of my eating for the day is done, and I don’t want to have to brush my teeth a second time.

Smoothie with Vegetables and Fruits

Any tips on stopping sugar cravings after a meal? from r/sugarfree

What do you do to curb your cravings?

One thought on “Tips on Stopping Sugar Cravings After a Meal

  1. Thanks for your website. The longest I’ve gone without sugar is 17 days. Definitely an addict. I consume sugar multiple times per day in large quantities. I’ve worked this week to not consume sugar. I went three days then went to my Grandma’s house. She’s a huge sugar pusher! I ate an ice cream sandwich she offered and a Suzy Q. Later, I ate some chocolate chip cookie dough. I’m back on track today though but definitely feel the cravings, boredom, and emptiness from the loss of something so big in my everyday life. My goal is to be more fit and slender after the holidays are over!

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