Tips on Stopping Sugar Cravings After a Meal

Tips on Stopping Sugar Cravings After a Meal

There’s no Question that After dinner the sweet tooth kicks in:

It’s just how we are conditioned. We need something sweet to satisfy us before we go to bed. There are many options available, and healthy ones, that help curb this.

I drink a Zevia (sparkling water with a slight infusion of stevia to take away the bitter and add some sweet)


There is a recent discussion on Reddit, Sugar Free subreddit, about tips for stopping post dinner cravings.

Some of their ideas are:

LeCroix drink

Sugar Free Gum


Heavy Cream with Vanilla Extract

Fruits, Grapes, Watermelons

Brush Teeth – I actually really like this idea. Not because it stops a craving, but it tricks my mind into thinking that all of my eating for the day is done, and I don’t want to have to brush my teeth a second time.

Smoothie with Vegetables and Fruits

Any tips on stopping sugar cravings after a meal? from r/sugarfree

What do you do to curb your cravings?

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