Today’s Craving: Donuts

Today’s Craving: Donuts

I love Donuts.

They are probably my favorite Sweet and easily my strongest craving.

When you are going COLD TURKEY, like we are here on it is inevitable that you will be confronted with sugary tweets that tempt you. It is going to be part of your life. You can’t force others not to eat sugar, nor should you.

These are the donuts that are sitting outside of my office. I pass by them 2x per hour as I walk around.

Yes, they look and smell good.  You can see that there is a knife with a portion of the maple bar missing.  That is my assistant.  She has the willpower to eat sugar in moderation.  I do not and could easily finish off what is remaining in this box.

But, I’m not touching them.

There are 20grams of sugar in a Krispy Kreme Maple Bar.

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