Utah has a Sugar Addiction Problem

Utah has a Sugar Addiction Problem

I don’t mean to pile onto to the culture that is Utah.  I like Utah (from a distance).  I vacation there.  I went to school there.

But it is a strange and ambitious place.

If you follow any Utah housewives on Instagram, you will undoubtedly have feeds full of homemade cookies, treats and large kitchens with sugar creations.

I find it repulsive.  But not mean spirited.

I don’t mind that there are a lot of skinny-fat people in Utah (workout crazies that drink tons of Diet Coke), but I do not like that kids are not educated as to the harmful effects of sugar indulgence.

They are taught that alcohol is poisonous.  They are taught not to drink Coffee or Tea.

But they are fed shovel fulls of Sugar, cookies, and treats.

I’ve been to their churches.

I’ve been to their homes.

I see it pretty clearly.

Utah has Restaurants Devoted to Large Cookies and Diet Drinks

My wife and I went to the March Madness Tournament in Salt Lake City.

We drove around looking for places to eat.

I was shocked.  Literally shocked.  At the number of Cookie, ice cream and sweet treat restaurants.

They have these cookie shops that sell Cake Sized Cookies, with a side of a dirty diet cola.

My wife ordered a box of Cookies.  They were as Mountains of Sugar, flour and eggs.  I dared not touch.  Though tempted…….

Utah Article about Cookie Shops

My wife texted me this article this morning about the cookie competition in Utah:


One of the paragraphs read:

“Here people just love sweets,” Casperson said. She reasoned people in Utah might eat more desserts due to the high population of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “(They) don’t drink or do anything else and sweets are (their) vice,” she said.

“Sweets are their Vice”

I’m not trying to shame Utah, their culture or anything.  Just, trying to take a mini step back and see if we can educate a little more (especially the kids) and stop with all of the sweets, treats and goodies at EVERY SINGLE cultural or church function.  It really is unhealthy and it creates addictions.  Some people have sugar addictions.  Maybe we can stop feeding it.

A Hershey Company Study found Utah ate Sweets at “2x the National Average”

Here is the article:


Unfortunately, you’ll have to sign in to read it.  So you probably won’t go that far.

I’ll leave a couple of quotations from the article here:

“That culture certainly celebrates sugar at some level,” he explained. “Everything ends with some kind of sweet concoction or another. Most forms of consumption indulgences like tobacco and alcohol and coffee and tea are prohibited. That leaves candy and sweets as, sort of, free game.”

And finally, the cultural justification:

“Hey, on the scale of vices, I’ll take too much sugar consumption over too much tobacco consumption or too much alcohol,” Christensen said. “There are worse things to be known for, I think.”


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