Vacation Binge

Vacation Binge

Went on a trip to San Diego for my brother’s wedding.

Stopped at Disneyland for a day (that’s about my limit, one day. I enjoyed the matterhorn).

Everynight, we went to IHOP where kids eat free.  We ordered these oreo milkshakes.  They were crazy good.

I ate every form of sugar for one week.  Really I didn’t resist anything sweet that was placed in front of me.

These Macaroon Cupcakes at the wedding Dinner?  Sure, why not…..

Am I disappointed in myself?  Yes, to be honest.  I’m not obsessing about my failure.  Just, hoping for a greater resolve next time I am out of town.

I set my Sugarbroke calendar back and am now at Day 3 again of no sweets.  On course for 100 days.

Fooditive New Sugar Substitute

I’m interested in

This company that is turning food waste (old apples and pears) into a zero calories sweetener

I’ll try some of this out when available and let you know…….


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