Visceral Fat and Sugar

Visceral Fat and Sugar

There was a really informative “explain it like I’m five” discussion on Reddit today about Visceral fat and our health.

They spoke of it in relation to alcohol and a beer belly.

I wanted to briefly chat about visceral fat and sugar.

First of all, here is the highlight of the discussion on Reddit and why visceral fat (the fat closest to our vital organs) is so unhealthy and hard.


Does sugar cause visceral fat?

An American Heart Association 2016 study of 1003 participants showed that regularly drinking sugary drinks increased visceral fat.  So, yes, scientifically, the answer is yes.  I’m sure more studies are going to be done, linking sweets and chocolates and sugary cereals to higher levels of visceral fat.

Why is Visceral Fat so bad?

As I understand it, visceral fat is the deep layer of fat.  Picture shrinking yourself to a tiny bug than taking a trip on a body spaceship through someone’s stomach.  You will pass through a few layers of skin, tissue and fat before reaching their stomach and organs.  The final layer is visceral fat, it surrounds the organs, including the liver, pancreas and kidneys.

In excess, the visceral fat causes problems, including diabetes 2.  It can damage the organs it surrounds.

Here is a decent video explanation about the harm of Visceral Fat:

Why does life suck?

Come on now, lift your head up.  Stress also causes visceral fat.  That’s one thing I need to work on along with the sugar, is stress reduction.  I do meditate, but it is extremely hard for me.  I have a low attention span and am lucky to get 5 or 6 breaths in before my mind is totally gone a fishing.

So, yes, for some of us more sensitive to the trials of life, it does feel sucky at times.

That’s all.

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