Yesterday’s Temptation – Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yesterday’s Temptation – Chocolate Chip Cookies

My wife and I came home yesterday from going on a date, and she told me that someone is ‘delivering’ chocolate chip cookies to her.  She wanted me to be prepared for it.

I asked, “They are delivering chocolate chip cookies to you?”.  “Who the hell delivers cookies?”

Well, apparently, there are new cookie businesses opening up from all over the Western Hemisphere that deliver boxes of Cookies.  GIANT COOKIES.

So when we got home, we took a peek:

This is after they were already picked at by the kids:

Not a Cookie, a Small Cake:

Pretty Chocolatey.  Not enough for my wife though.  She said she wanted more chocolate:

I pulled out some sweet corn from the Fridge and gnawed at it, while the rest of the family ate cookies:

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