Yesterday’s Temptation – M&M Cookies

Yesterday’s Temptation – M&M Cookies

Growing up, my Mom made one type of dessert that was irresistible.

It was a succulent combination of flavor and texture.  The first level of sweetened oats.  The second level, a crunchy M&M.

Yesterday, we had a BBQ at our house.  Mom brought dessert.

Unfortunately, she brought the one thing that I literally can’t resist:

My hand hovered over one.

I thought that maybe I would just nibble on a corner of it.  What’s the harm?

So, I meditated on that question.  What is the harm?

I thought of the cravings, the hangover, the binge, the temptation, the withdrawals.

I had compassion on myself.

And left it alone.

I know what would have happened:

Instead, I ate an apple:

And today I feel great.

I share a post from Reddit from someone on their second day of quitting sugar.


Quitting sugar – day 2 from r/sugarfree

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